Friday, 28 February 2014

February Mags!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second edition of Mags! If you missed last months Click Here!!

Last time I mentioned that this month I am going to be looking at ‘House & Garden’ and ‘Elle Decoration’, Instead of sticking to my original plan, I was drawn to ‘The World of Interiors (WOI)'. The others did not seem to catch my eye the way WOI did.


The theme of 'World of Interiors' this month was called ‘Off Screen Chemistry’- it gave me the idea of putting designs together that may not necessarily look as though they will work well but once combined is a different story. The cover is an image of a living room with french windows behind it leading to the garden.The colour scheme is a teal, mint green and it blended extremely well with the leaves in the garden. Loved it!

Flipping through this magazine, I noticed that there was a lot of gold, which brings a sense of royalty and elegance to it. The pages that really caught my attention are spoken about below.

Every month, there is a section in the magazine called Antennae Roundup. It basically focusses on a particular decoration type (ie. cushions) and posts various styles of it. This month it focused on door handles and door knobs. Door knobs and handles are really random when you think about it, but having them can really make a difference, this is why it is important to pay attention to detail when designing because it makes your design THAT much better. Here are a few pictures of what the magazine spoke about as well as some I found online. What makes them even more amazing is the fact that they can be affordable, depending on what you prefer. The ones in the magazine range between £6 to about £500. 

The magazine also advertised a company called ‘Zinc Textile’. Just by looking at the pictures I can almost feel the texture of these fabrics. Like I have always said, décor is not just about what meets the eye, but appealing to other senses as well. I am very intrigued by it, so when the times right, I have to check them out.

At the back of this magazine, there are multiple bespoke pieces of furniture and the magazine tells you where you can get them from and their costs.

Under Table Talk- This area focussed on tables– I fell in love with number 2- a silver dressing table, number 6- a limestone table with a gold leaf finish and 10- a deep buttoned handcrafted coffee table.

2. This is a silver dressing table with a matching mirror. It is so elegant and will work very nicely in a room with a light neutral coloured carpet and a natural dark toned wall. In this case, a dark grey wall paper.

6. Love this table, I am so amazed at the gold leaf finish. It is unusually beautiful. I think it would work really nicely at the end of a hallway with wooden floors and a mirror on the wall, with gorgeous golden laps on both ends of it.

10. I am loving this! Not even just this one, but this style in general so whether it is on a head board, or a couch, whatever colour-- I love. The style is called 'a deep buttoned hand crafted finish'-it is made of lamb leather which is thin, flexible and durable.

I really enjoyed WOI, I browsed through it a numerous amount of times. There is a lot more I liked in this magazine, but this is just a brief summary of what i really loved. I will definitely be getting WOI in the near future, but next month I will focus of 'Homes & Gardens" I have already bought it so I will stick to the plan this time haha.

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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