Monday, 3 February 2014

All about Lacquered Walls!!!

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 The whole point of me doing this blog is for me to express my love for décor and to learn more about it.

So a few days ago I posted the second picture below on Instagram just because I thought it looked pretty cool. I loved how shiny and glossy the walls were and I loved the whole black and white combination. I received a comment from someone saying "The Lacquered walls are gorgeous!" I will not lie, but I had no idea what Lacquered walls were, I had never heard of it x_x!


I went to do my research and fell in love! The best way to describe it is 'a room that shines' literally it is so dramatic, I love it!
There are two ways to get the lacquered wall look!

1. Spraying real Lacquer onto the wall multiple times!- I believe a professional would be best at this.

2. You can use an enamel coating and finish it off with a high- gloss varnish coat! It gives off 'The Lacquered Appearance'.

Before going through with either of these techniques, your wall needs to be prepared. The work can range from minor patching to full resurfacing to make the wall as smooth as possible.

As lacquered walls are very dramatic and quite costly, it is best to use it in a room that will benefit best from it. I read that when candles are lit, the light is reflected on the wall and it looks great, so I believe the best place to have these walls are in a dining room. From the pictures you can see that any colour can be used, so it really depends on what you prefer.

If you want to read more on Lacquered Walls Click Here

Lots of Love

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