Saturday, 1 February 2014

21'st Decorations!!!

So here they are!!! This was such a fun night, everything went according to plan! The decorating itself took under an hour as I had a lot of people helping me put everything together. However there was a lot of planning that I had done before hand and we were organised for the day.

My previous post 'Heading in a new direction?' (Click Here)described the process of how I put the decorations together.


I designed the cake and once it came, I felt the top was a bit plain and it needed something to make it look more grand. So I bought these cute stars from hobby crafts and stuck them on the bottom tier of the cake. I also bought silver candles to put behind every block letter of her name.

As I said in the previous post, there were five tables, decorated similarly and all tables had floral arrangements, petal confetti's, diamantes, candles and the small gifts on everyones napkins.

When speaking to the restaurant, I thought it would be a good idea to have light pink arrival drinks which they assured me will not be an issue. The only issue was that the shade of pink was wrong, it was coral, which did not really go with the theme of the event. However, it tasted nice so, we got over it. Hehe

It was so much fun decorating and i'll do it again in a heart beat. I want to say a big thank you to my friend Folake (Her blog) for giving me this opportunity. She is really a good friend and I am happy she had a wonderful 21st.

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx


  1. How do i contact you to do my event?

  2. Never thought of black and pink as a concept, but its actually really great!!

  3. Yes girl you slayed the decor!!!

  4. You should definitely consider moving in this direction, at least for the mean time. The venue looks great! x

  5. Well done.

    Keep it up!