Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The BEDroom!!!

People always wonder why their bed at home doesn't look as comfortable as those on tv, or magazines or show rooms. They wonder what is it about their bed that is so different to those ones. The first step is people need to stop thinking of a bed as a place to sleep and more as the centrepiece of the bedroom. Your bed should make a statement!

Below are a few steps that can be taken to achieve this look.


1. Colour scheme- your bed and it's surroundings should have a colour scheme of your choice. It is best to have a theme that shows off who you are.

2. Type of mattress- if you are in a situation where you have to make do with the mattress given to you. for example university accommodation, then start by getting a mattress topper. This gives your bed some comfort which means your bed ends up looking more comfortable. If you want to purchase a mattress, look for one with a bit of height and comfort.

3. Thick duvet with texture- If you have a duvet cover that has different textures on it, it automatically looks more appealing!

4. Pillows that double the size of the bed- What I mean by this, is if you have a single bed, you need two pillows, if you have a double bed you need four. This will make your bed look more full in stead of it looking scanty and empty.

5. Cushions- Cushions need to go with the colour scheme and also need to have different textures as well. So some can be silk, others can be faux fur, some ordinary cotton. It is also nice to have different shaped cushions. However when it is being placed onto your bed, there must be symmetrical.

6. Bed throws- As long as it works well with the duvet cover, bed throws make your bed seem cosy, comfy and aesthetically pleasing.

7. Stuffed Animals- This only comes down to your personal preference, if you like stuffed animals, ensure that the colour of their fur works well with your colour scheme. The outfits also need to go with the theme- if they wear any. Place them around the cushions.

8. Lighting- Having a chandelier or a pretty lamp shade over your bed really gives off a beautiful effect in your room. When the light shines on it, you are automatically drawn to the bed- which is what we are trying to achieve.

9. Headboards/ Wall Art- Similarly to the lighting, it just makes more of a statement around your bed.

10. Bedside tables- They are important as they add beauty around the bed. The bedside table should include lamps, fragrances, picture frames pencil pots- anything ideal for you- all going with the theme.

Below are more ways to make your bed look fabulous, take a look and enjoy! :)

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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