Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Room of the Day! - Navy Blue

I was speaking to my dad about how it would be nice to paint one of the rooms in our house navy blue and he explained how dark and unwelcoming the room would be! I had to stop for a second to think that maybe he had a point, but I definitely knew exactly what I was talking about. Yes, navy blue is dark and it could definitely make a room look dull, but whatever colour that is used with it will really make a difference. The picture above shows what I am referring to- using white and cream brings out the blue in a refreshing way. What I was thinking instead, was having striped wallpaper- white and navy blue, but the picture is just as good.

Lots of love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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  1. I agree! Navy and white is classic but I also love navy and coral ( I have a post on my blog on that as well). Love your posts from what I've seen I can tell this is what you're really passionate about like me. Check out my blog as well & instagram!