Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Outdoor Decoration Ideas!

This summer so far I have gone to multiple Garden Parties and Barbecues! They have been so much fun. The food part is my favourite :D Below are multiple ways to decorate an outdoor summer event!

Tropical Watermelon!!!

This Summer it's all about Pink & Green! The amount of designs I have found with this beautiful summer trend is beyond belief.  It is the definition of summer, being bright, warm, fun, and colourful! These two colours, really compliment each other! More phenomenal designs below...

Fun Summer Ideas for your home!!!

Don't you just love Summer! It's hot, it's relaxing, colourful, and the designs that come out are so exciting :D. I have found some incredible summer home design ideas! I love them...take a look!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

All about Lucite!!!

A simple Lucite Chair
I was going through an interior design blog yesterday and came across Lucite Furniture. Lucite is a transparent, translucent acrylic that can be used in furniture suitable for extremely modern decor. I find it gorgeous and tasteful and I feel it brings forth an elegant ambiance to a room. Above is a simple Lucite Chair and it is mainly used in formal events such as weddings, but it could also be used in a home in multiple ways. It can be used as a kitchen table, an office chair and most importantly you can add padding or decorations to make it more homely. Below are a few ways Lucite can be used...