Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Mags! - Period Homes & Interiors

April already! Time goes by way too fast. So I picked up this magazine simply because the cover really caught my attention. Everyone has a preferred colour, but when I see purple, automatically my eyes see nothing else. So yes, the purple font on the cover engaged me. Plus the title of this month’s magazine is called ‘Perfection with pastels’ and last month I did a post on pastel colours and how it is related to spring, so I really wanted to hear what others had to say about it.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Kent Dinner Decorations!

After the decorations I did for my friends 21st, I was approached to do decorations for an event at Kent University. I was so excited and looking forward to getting back onto the decorating scene. I really did not plan to be an event decorator, as I love homes and thought that was only where I was heading, but working more and more on it, my passion for events has really increased and is ALMOST at the same level as home interiors.

Anyways back to the event. This was such a challenge and I am so happy everything went well, thank God. It was nerve wrecking because the budget was quite small, but it was done!

So here it is. A dinner event for 50 people (5 tables of 10)

The theme was black, gold with a touch of green.

All about Furniture with Natural Wood!

I love going through my interior design apps and coming across the most intriguing pieces of furniture. I came across numerous bespoke pieces of furniture incorporating natural wood. However, this is not my personal style, I feel it is a bit masculine and quite edgy. I can imagine some of the pieces in a bar, or a bachelor pad. Other pieces are a bit too strong and maybe even a little crazy for my liking; but on the other hand I can really appreciate the style. Here are a few examples:-