Saturday, 24 May 2014

Room of the Day! - Ashy Purple with a bit of Glitz

Looking at this bathroom, it is easy to say how classy and elegant it is. People today see classy and elegant as something basic and maybe not so much work goes into it. I look at this bathroom and notice a lot of different things. Not only the obvious grey stoned walls and the crystal chandelier above the bath tub which are outstanding; but I also see the exceptional ashy purple walls which really compliment the stoned walls. The ceiling as well is sort of an ashy lilac colour which compliments the alternate shade of purple.

I love the crystal clear white bath tub, skirting boards, toilet and windows. It really brings out the overall gracefulness of the bathroom.

The dusty wooden floors and the chocolate wooden (I think it is a bathroom cabinet) are the most random colours to go with this design, but it fits in perfectly and I truly love it.

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

Statement on the Wall!

I spoke about this in April Mags! You think all you need to do to a wall is just paint it a nice neutral colour. Don't get me wrong, neutral painted walls are gorgeous, but the furniture in the room really has to be on point to really bring out the beauty in it. So Statement walls are for those who love simple furniture. Check some of the following Walls that I believe are elegant and mind-blowing.

Love this Teal Wall with its golden stripes going in different directions. This looks like the wall was taped to get this look which does take a while but it really pays off. It is gorgeous!