Friday, 31 January 2014

January Mags!!!

 January came and went so quickly! This month was filled with so much; I had university deadlines, decorating for my friends birthday, getting the hang of the new year and trying to stick to my resolutions. One month has passed now and in the interior design world everything still seems to be festive.

This month I purchased 'House & Garden' and 'Ideal Home' magazines. Both still referred to christmas, However judging by Ideal Home's cover, it seems to be way more 'christmassy' as it has a christmas tree on it and the colour scheme is silver and white with sparkles. House and Garden's cover has a warmer tone to it, which refers more to the idea that it is winter so everyone should keep warm. This is done by what seems to be an entrance to a foyer, decorated with an antique table, flowers and lamps.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Room of the Day!

I am actually so in love with this couch. The colour is so bold and I adore the way the cushions, the carpet and the drapes are white. The contrast between the couch and it's surroundings is so beautiful. It is not just the colour scheme, but also the material and the rendering! I can imagine this going perfectly in a walk-in closet/ dressing room at the rear end. With a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging over it and white cupboards going around this circular room where all my clothes, shoes and handbags go. In front of it can be a white or silver chest of draws with bold pink (same as the chair) hydrangeas placed nicely on top! Huge mirrors at the other end of the room with crystal detail around the board of the mirror! I love it!

Lots of love

Alexis Romeo xxx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Heading in a New Direction?

It is amazing to have friends and family who truly believe in your ambitions and what you want to do in life. This weekend I went to one of my best friend's 21st. She had a really elegant dinner party. I was by her side planning it all just because I love organising events and did not mind helping to get everything sorted. One thing she did put me in charge of was decorating the venue, which I did feel slightly uncomfortable about just because I never really saw myself being an events decorator but more of an interior designer for homes. There were 5 tables that needed decorating as well as a table for the cake. Although I did see it as a bit of a challenge, I had no problem going for it.

My friend gave me a theme of pale pink and black and I did my best to incorporate what she wanted as well as keeping it looking as sophisticated as possible.

The restaurant had already given us black chairs and black table cloths, so I tried not to incorporate any more black into the venue so it will not look dark.