Monday, 31 March 2014

March Mags!!!

March is over already, I have been so MIA this month, mostly due to university work and all, but now I am back, commenting on Homes & Gardens this month… Enjoy!

The cover this month is quite interesting, it gives the illusion that it is outside when in reality, it is indoors. What gives off the illusion is the brick wall and the greyish blue shade of it which is like the colour of a road. The rough wooden mirror board and cabinet reminds me of a shed in a garden. The floral arrangements that have been chosen look like a tree during Autumn . Homes & Gardens have called this a Modern Style. For me, I can really appreciate the style and how creative the designer is for coming up with this.. However, It is not my ideal look in my home.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring Thing!

What's your favourite season? For me, each season has it's perks. I'm actually really into spring, I love spring cos it's the beginning of warmth, the prettiest flowers start to come out (including my favourites Hydrangeas) and the earth starts to have some colour. it's also close to summer which is when my birthday is :) !

Room of the Day!- Barbie and Ken

What originally caught my eye when I saw this room was how modern it was. I love the lime green chairs, what looks to me like a kitchen table with a book shelf. The decorator put random pieces together to literally create a master piece! But what is the most outstanding random piece yet is barbie and ken walking around a pool in the form of wall art. So bespoke and different, I think it is a love or hate thing, I have always been team barbie so I'm loving this haha!

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Room of the Day! -Royal Blue

Royal blue is such a striking colour and I love the way it blends with gold in this picture-It definitely looks very royal. I love the design of the coffee table, it's so modern and it blends with the neutral shade of the sofas. I think the sofas work really well because of the contrast between the dark and light tones! The royal blue is quite a dark shade and the cream sofas are fairly light. I have always said that when you have a dark vibrant colour, it is important to mix it with a light colour just because they complement each other extremely well.

Now when it comes to the finishing touches I am so intrigued by the pink flowers on the table and the plant at the back because it is so random and you won't expect it to work with the theme of the room, but when it is put together it looks phenomenal!

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx