Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Room of the Day!

I am actually so in love with this couch. The colour is so bold and I adore the way the cushions, the carpet and the drapes are white. The contrast between the couch and it's surroundings is so beautiful. It is not just the colour scheme, but also the material and the rendering! I can imagine this going perfectly in a walk-in closet/ dressing room at the rear end. With a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging over it and white cupboards going around this circular room where all my clothes, shoes and handbags go. In front of it can be a white or silver chest of draws with bold pink (same as the chair) hydrangeas placed nicely on top! Huge mirrors at the other end of the room with crystal detail around the board of the mirror! I love it!

Lots of love

Alexis Romeo xxx

1 comment:

  1. omg im in love with this couch!!! So washed by the way you described that dressing room!