Friday, 31 January 2014

January Mags!!!

 January came and went so quickly! This month was filled with so much; I had university deadlines, decorating for my friends birthday, getting the hang of the new year and trying to stick to my resolutions. One month has passed now and in the interior design world everything still seems to be festive.

This month I purchased 'House & Garden' and 'Ideal Home' magazines. Both still referred to christmas, However judging by Ideal Home's cover, it seems to be way more 'christmassy' as it has a christmas tree on it and the colour scheme is silver and white with sparkles. House and Garden's cover has a warmer tone to it, which refers more to the idea that it is winter so everyone should keep warm. This is done by what seems to be an entrance to a foyer, decorated with an antique table, flowers and lamps.


Reading into H & G, there is an article called 'Smart Seasonal Entertaining Lunch- A feast for the senses' and it pretty much shows the way this home was decorated for this event. The centre piece of the whole house was the food banquet table. The food was used as decoration and I am sure it smelt fabulous (appealing to more senses than just the eye). The home itself had a natural, warm tone using light colours like white and cream. Around the stair case was this christmas decor that gave the illusion of outside during winter when it is snowing. It looks very realistic.

Another article in the magazine was called 'Rite of spring' which was about the flowers that grow during this time of the year. They referred to snowdrops and how they can come in different shapes and sizes.

'Ideal home' was filled with a lot of interior that really caught my eye. It used shiny natural colours which I am very fond of. The only problem I had with it, is how it cannot be related to other times of the year. Almost every picture had something to do with christmas, and we are about eleven months away; so I did not feel it was appropriate. However apart from that, I loved the decor, it was gorgeous in my opinion, very natural and elegant which is how I will describe my decorating style.

February is here now and this month, I am looking into 'Elle Decoration' and 'House & Garden'!

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx


  1. Can't wait for elle decorations!!

  2. Very well worded. Good read! :)