Thursday, 30 July 2015

Work Experience- Designers Guild Showroom (Kings Road)

Designers Guild is a Fabric & Wallpaper Store and has multiple showrooms around London. I worked at Designers Guild for 2 weeks and had the most exciting time. I spent majority of my first week in the sample room, ordering samples and assisting customers to find the samples they desire. I must admit, I became quite good at this, knowing exactly where all the fabrics were placed and becoming very familiar with the Fabric Codes.

The second week was more practical. I really wanted to make a mark during the time I was with them. I knew they continuously have interns coming in and out and I really did not want to feel like I was just another intern passing through. So as well as keeping up my daily duties in the sample room, I was willing to do a lot of decoration/ painting work in the showroom, just because I know that once the internship is up, the work will still be beautifully displayed there.

I did a lot of painting, the walls and the sample blocks and extra bits and pieces to help with the decoration aspect of the showroom.

As well as helping out in the showroom, I was also able to help myself. I was definitely inspired. the fabric pieces were so beautiful and really opened my mind to what, as an interior designer I can do. I was really able to think outside the box when it came to furniture ideas.. I learnt about different fabrics and what to do with each- whether I can use it for curtains, upholstery or cushions.

All in all, I learnt a lot from Designers Guild and I am very grateful to them for giving me my first break.

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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