Thursday, 26 June 2014

All about Lucite!!!

A simple Lucite Chair
I was going through an interior design blog yesterday and came across Lucite Furniture. Lucite is a transparent, translucent acrylic that can be used in furniture suitable for extremely modern decor. I find it gorgeous and tasteful and I feel it brings forth an elegant ambiance to a room. Above is a simple Lucite Chair and it is mainly used in formal events such as weddings, but it could also be used in a home in multiple ways. It can be used as a kitchen table, an office chair and most importantly you can add padding or decorations to make it more homely. Below are a few ways Lucite can be used...


Used as a Dining/ Kitchen table

Dressing Table Chair

Finishes added

The bottom one is my favourite, I can definitely see this in an office!

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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  1. I don't know why but I can just imagine global Hollywood stars, like Elisabeth Taylor, having this kind of decor. Love it.