Sunday, 13 April 2014

Kent Dinner Decorations!

After the decorations I did for my friends 21st, I was approached to do decorations for an event at Kent University. I was so excited and looking forward to getting back onto the decorating scene. I really did not plan to be an event decorator, as I love homes and thought that was only where I was heading, but working more and more on it, my passion for events has really increased and is ALMOST at the same level as home interiors.

Anyways back to the event. This was such a challenge and I am so happy everything went well, thank God. It was nerve wrecking because the budget was quite small, but it was done!

So here it is. A dinner event for 50 people (5 tables of 10)

The theme was black, gold with a touch of green.

This is what I did:-

1. The venue was a conference hall. Luckily there were tables and plain chairs there but I needed to get chair covers and table cloths. We hired the chair covers and the table cloths were bought from terry's fabrics.

2. Because the budget was fairly tight, I needed to ensure I found the right centre piece for the table for a good price, but still ensuring the décor did not look tacky. I went through numerous design ideas with the client, and she finally agreed on a glass vase with candles and Orchids.

I put floating candles in each vase filled with water. I also bought larger candles. I bought 3 sets of different sizes and mixed them so each table had three candles with different heights, but each table had a different set of three.
Hall before Plates and flowers were added

Adding Floating Candles
Finding the orchids was literally a miracle, the florist only had two bouquets left of the green, and gave me a discount. I was so nervous because I thought they may die before the actual event. One or two did die and change colour, but I had more than enough to not let that be a set back. I put one orchid in each of the vases to float in the middle of the floating candles. I also put five around the candles on the tables.
Withering Flowers

 I bought gold ribbons from Hobby Crafts . I cut long pieces of ribbon and curled the ends and put them around the flowers on the tables.

3. The chair covers were black and looked a bit plain. I got golden chords and tied them around each chair. The client was really keen on having a subtle look.

4. Then I set the table with plates, bowls and glasses. The table numbers were added by someone on the committee (everyone has a creative side). I loved it, it blended so well with the décor.

Hall before
Setting up the event was a lot different from the previous event I had done. I had to set up the tables which were very big compared to me, I had to carry about 40 chairs from another area in the building to the hall where the event was taking place and put chair covers on each chair. This was the difficult bit, especially considering, I did it myself.

However once the hard bit was out of the way, the fun bit of putting the centre piece together was so much fun. I loved it!

The client was so happy with the decorations and that just made me feel so good. I really wanted her to love it and not settle. She trusted me and it all worked out like I had promised her!

 Lots of Love
Alexis Romeo xxx


  1. Look at you looking all pretty!

  2. Very innovative!

  3. Gabrielle Rockson14 April 2014 at 10:27

    Love it. It's so classy and sophisticated!