Monday, 31 March 2014

March Mags!!!

March is over already, I have been so MIA this month, mostly due to university work and all, but now I am back, commenting on Homes & Gardens this month… Enjoy!

The cover this month is quite interesting, it gives the illusion that it is outside when in reality, it is indoors. What gives off the illusion is the brick wall and the greyish blue shade of it which is like the colour of a road. The rough wooden mirror board and cabinet reminds me of a shed in a garden. The floral arrangements that have been chosen look like a tree during Autumn . Homes & Gardens have called this a Modern Style. For me, I can really appreciate the style and how creative the designer is for coming up with this.. However, It is not my ideal look in my home.


There is a small mood-board in the magazine called Spring Blush, which brings the most divine pieces of furniture in the gorgeous colour of chalky pink. Here is my favourite product that was included.

The Intricate Lamp by Alexandra Raben

Personally, I love this lamp, it is so different and interesting. I love this shade of pink and I think it would look beautiful in a room with touches of navy blue or grey.

The Magazine goes on to define Shutters & Blinds

1.       Tier on Tier Shutters by Plantation shutters which is good for Light Work

2.       French Door Shutters by Kelly Hoppen- Good for Climate Control

3.       Roller Blinds- which Feature beautiful Pattern ideas that can change the whole look in a room

4.       The Frostbite Film by the Window Film Company can welcome Obscurity


There are many More, but these were my favourites. Who knew there were so many different types of shutters and for so many different reasons.

Thanks once again for taking out your time to go through my blog, I really appreciate it. This month has been so hectic. I decorated an event a few days ago which I will feature this April.

Next months magazine is a surprise… Haha

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx


  1. My fave mag!!

  2. Love this!! and love the first picture under the shutters and blinds section:) Might have an idea of a design for my next room x