Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Back to the Books!

So summer is slowing and unfortunately coming to an end. I hope everyone is having a great summer. Now we are heading into the more "serious months" where school/ work begins and an office is definitely needed. I have spoken about my dream offices here before, but a home library to store all the books from previous and future years is needed! Below are multiple home library's to have this autumn! Enjoy!


The first picture above has a beautiful colour scheme of different shades of green. It is very bright and appealing and looks extremely comfortable. The books do not overpower the room and the random finishes, such as the ornaments on the window-sill, make the room more exciting.

More below...

This is a two- storey home library.I love how big and bright the room is and how the books are neatly arranged. I love the lighting, the wall-art and the black chair on the ground floor. The wooden floors really bring out the brightness of the room as well. 

This library is a lot more cosy. The curtains, the rug and the lighting brings a very warm feel to the room and the chairs look extremely comfortable.

This is something to consider this autumn and for future use. It is amazing to have a room to yourself, where you can work hard and concentrate on what needs to be done, whilst feeling comfortable.

Lots of Love

Alexis Romeo xxx

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